An innovative, power-generating shading system SunCurtain – Ready for small series production

by Dirk Buchhauser

Shading systems are ideal for generating electricity from the sun. However, conventional shading installations have limitations. SunCurtain has developed a solution that enables curtains to function as a power plant. This is made possible by the use of organic photovoltaics. The numerous positive effects will have a sustainable impact on building efficiency over the long term.

Kitzingen, Germany: SunCurtain GmbH was founded in Kitzingen in 2018. Since then, the company has been pursuing the vision of transforming every window into a power plant. An innovative shading system is used to generate electricity from sunlight and make it available to the user.

“Curtains are often closed to prevent glare from sunlight and, at the same time, the lighting is switched on to allow work to continue,” says Stephan Hildebrandt, Product Manager. “We want to harness the energy of sunlight instead of blocking it. Our hunger for energy is increasing and, if we want to satisfy this hunger using sustainable resources, we need to diversify the energy landscape,” adds Stephan Hildebrandt.

Several prototypes have been developed since the start-up was founded, and initial concrete projects have been implemented. Today, SunCurtain presents a classic slatted curtain with slats made of flexible, semi-transparent, organic photovoltaic elements. The curtain thus combines a wide variety of positive characteristics and offers enormous potential and new approaches. Due to its long service life, the technology will have a long-term impact on the energy consumption of the building system.

The final development steps of the first product are aimed at optimizing the manufacturing process and mode of operation. A SunCurtain should finally be available in the early summer of 2021. In order to give the development the necessary momentum, the SunCurtain team would like to give all interested parties the opportunity to support the SunCurtain concept. With this in mind, a crowdfunding campaign will be launched via Kickstarter on 14 September 2020.

The company wants to venture into the first small series with the help of this campaign and accelerate the progress of its development. “I am confident of being able to bring the SunCurtain concept to a successful conclusion and of finally being able to launch it on the market,” concludes Stephan Hildebrandt.

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