ARMOR consolidates investments in photovoltaics

by Dirk Buchhauser

In a press release published in late May, the International Energy Agency (IEA)
estimated that expenditure on clean energy (including renewables, energy efficiency,
nuclear and battery storage) will account for 40% of investment in the energy sector
by 2020, against around one-third in preceding years1. In a context of expansion of
solar installations in multiple sectors, having already invested nearly €100m since the
launch of its photovoltaics business more than a decade ago, ARMOR is continuing
its development program: R&D, partnerships and certifications are the main areas of
focus in 2020.

Financial and human investment

Since the launch of its photovoltaics business in 2008, ARMOR has invested €100m of its
own funds – an investment that is continuing and amounts to several million euros in 2019
alone. R&D, recruitment, and the acquisition of the German company Opvius are just some
examples of the major projects pursued in recent months in support of the deployment of
solar technology. “The significant investments we are making are designed to boost a
European photovoltaics sector that represents a critical link in our energy sovereignty. In
concrete terms for ARMOR, it represents the creation of several hundred jobs over the
coming years”, states Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of ARMOR.

Photovoltaics, a multisectoral trend that is gaining strength

Photovoltaics concerns a multitude of sectors that are gradually finding their business model.
For example, the agriculture sector is increasingly adopting solar installations for selfconsumption and also for selling either the surplus or the entire production to the grid. “Agriphotovoltaism is a trend currently growing in popularity”, confirms Moïra Asses, Marketing & Business Development Manager at ARMOR. “Furthermore, after the sectors of mobility,
construction and energy upgrading, we are seeing projects come in relating to transports,
especially maritime and automotive.” In order to meet the demands of its industrial partners,
notably in construction, ARMOR is investing in product certification. “We have recently
recruited an employee who will be concentrating on this matter. We are working hard to
obtain various relevant certifications. “, explains Moïra Asses.

The importance of photovoltaics within the energy mix

« If we are to achieve a lasting reduction in global emissions, then we will need to see a rapid
increase in clean energy investment. The response of policy makers – and the extent to
which energy and sustainability concerns are integrated into their recovery strategies – will
be critical », declared Faith Birol, Executive Director of the IEA in a communiqué published in
late May. The International Energy Agency further states: « Renewable energy is key to
achieving SDG 7 and building resilient, equitable and sustainable economies in a post-Covid19 world. Now more than ever is the time for bold international cooperation to bridge the
energy access gap and place sustainable energy at the heart of economic stimulus and
recovery measures.»

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