by Melvin

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Avantama is a leader in high-tech materials for electronics. Our material innovations are used in optical and electronic coatings. Our unique technology and know-how allows fast proof-of-concepts and focused product developments. This ensures minimizing time-to-market. Our production capacity is at the multi-ton-scale and we have been an audited materials supplier for electronics since 2016.

For solar cells, we have developed a range of almost 30 off-the-shelf nanoparticle formulations suitable for multilayer photovoltaic systems. Our materials can perform either hole or electron blocking functions, enabling photon conversion with exceptional quantum efficiencies, mainly for Organic Photovoltaics or Perovskite PVs. Our ready-to-use formulations can be deposited via a range of application techniques, including high throughput roll-to-roll processing.

With unmatched experience in nanoparticle material engineering, we also offer a formulation tailoring service to help you develop proprietary solutions for photovoltaics manufacturing. Avantama core nanoparticle materials include tungsten oxide, molybdenum oxide, zinc oxide, tin oxide, nickel oxide, stannic oxide, and aluminum-doped zinc oxides (WOx, MoOx, ZnO, NiO, SnO2, and Al:ZnO), but we are happy to discuss other chemical arrangements for custom orders.

You will find more information on https://avantama.com/shop/