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Enli Technology

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Enlitech specializes in Quantum Efficiency Measurement and Solar Simulator. We design and manufacture high-end measurement equipment for the fields of materials science, photovoltaic testing and analysis.

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Enlitech provides comprehensive solutions for scientific research, certification, and production quality control, helping users achieve excellence and breakthrough in solar cell and new materials research.

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Since 2012, we have been establishing and expanding sales channels and service centers in mainland China, the United States, India, and Europe. We are committed to providing complete measurement and analysis systems and customized solutions.

Products & Services

  • Photovoltaic EQE/ IPCE/ SR Measurement System
  • Solar Simulator for Solar Cell Characterization
  • Light Sources for Indoor/Low Illumination
  • ISO 17025 Accreditation: Photovoltaic Devices Certifications

Quantum Efficiency Measurement

Quantum Efficiency/ Spectral Response/ IPCE Measurement System

Check out more details about the QE-R Equipment https://reurl.cc/l0eEMj

Solar Light Simulator

SS-X series Solar Light Simulator

Check out more about the SS-X series Solar Light Simulator https://reurl.cc/OX42er