by Melvin

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Since 2010, GenesInk develops and produces at industrial scale nano-inks with functionalities at their core from particles synthesis to the end printed product. We free up electronics to create the next generation of consumer electronics products. We enable new functionalities (transparency, flexibility, stretchability, high conductivity and optimized processability) to meet the requirements of consumer electronics market (energy, lighting, IoT, smart packaging and health).

With 20 collaborators, GenesInk is the worldwide leader with sales offices and distributors in Taiwan, Japan, and USA. Owner of 12 patents family with 60+ patents worldwide, GenesInk produces a panel of 40+ different nano-inks within 3 ranges of nanomaterials, acknowledged by our customers and partners for their outstanding performance:

  • SmartInk range: Silver-based nanoinks, SmartInk are designed for printing of highly conductive and flexible electronics. For OPV, they are employed as top electrode over organic or inorganic charge transport layerslayer. Indeed, SmartInk products are specifically designed for conductive interconnects, busbars, and antennas functionalities.
  • Tranductive┬« range: based on Ag nanowires (Ag NW) is one of the most promising alternatives to ITO (Indium Tin Oxide). Tranductive┬« replace ITO as transparent conductive electrode in OPV, OLED and displays.
  • HeliosInk range: Based on metal oxides (zinc oxide (ZnO), aluminum doped zinc oxide (AZO), and tungsten oxide (WO3)), HeliosInk products are semi-conductive inks and are used as charge transport layer in photovoltaics cells (solar energy), and lighting (OLED) applications.