Interview with Student Speech Award Winner Balaji Dhanabalan at the Summer School Event 2020

by Dirk Buchhauser

Balaji Dhanabalan was giving a speech at the Photovoltaic Summer School 2020 of the Southern Denmark University and the Technical Danish University and was awarded with the Best Student Speech Award. Beside a 100 pounds voucher for the Educational Program of the University of Cambridge, he is interviewed by us to present himself. Enjoy the interview…

I am Balaji Dhanabalan, fascinated towards the unexplored wonders of research to reveal the ravishing features in my areas of interest for bringing boon to the common man in the society. Having a strong background in Electronics, I had Master of Engineering in Power Electronics and Drives and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India. Being attracted by the wearable technology, I also hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Textiles and Management: Specialization in Smart Textiles and Wearable Electronics under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International School of Textiles and Management, Coimbatore, India. Presently, I am pursuing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nanochemistry at the Istituto Italiano di Technologia under University of Genova, Genova, Italy where I synthesize novel Nano materials for the efficient optoelectronic device applications. I am always interested in contributing my share of knowledge in the different research field to bring the scientific community to the next level.

Visit Balajion IIT (Instituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
Check out his research history at ResearchGate
Follow him on LinkedIn How was your experience in attending and presenting at the virtual PV Summer School Event?
Balaji: Being a virtual event, I thought how it would work as compared to the traditional summer school. It was completely engaging and I totally enjoyed all the sessions. The entire school was well organized and I really appreciate the entire team for following the time schedule very precisely. The speakers in the school were very knowledgeable and kind to answer all the questions raised by the students. Each session was very carefully structured to gain insight knowledge into the concept photovoltaics and it was really motivating the beginners like me to enter into the photovoltaic world. I would highly recommend this summer school to other students and colleagues and I am eagerly waiting for the next year’s summer school. What have you benefited from the most in this event?
Balaji: The sessions were brainstorming and made me to understand many concepts that I had very limited knowledge and exposure. I was highly motivated by the scientist who shared their personal journey into the scientific field and the challenges they faced during their journey. I have also learnt a lot about how the maintenance of the solar panels with technologically advanced system that helps to improve the efficiency of the station in the commercial point of view. This school provided an opportunity not only to think out of the box but also the available opportunities in this field for the betterment of world. You are working on OPV projects. What makes it exciting to work in that field?
: I have been working in the synthesis of perovskite materials for the different optoelectronics applications. In the last few years, the perovskite based solar cells achieved efficiencies close to the theoretical limit which took many decades for the silicon industry. The process of producing the perovskite device through simple techniques and the intrinsic defect tolerance level of these materials attracted many researchers to work in this field. Apart from solar cells, the unique combination of organic-inorganic atomic layers in perovskites offers promises for designing a variety of materials with application in mechatronics, flexoelectrics, energy conversion, and light sensing. What are your scientific passions? What would you like to do in the future?
Balaji: I am an electronic engineer who turned to a nanochemist. I have started my MBA in Textile Management which drive my passion and interest to understand the wearable electronics and smart textile. My great interest is to understand and explore new functional features in various interdisciplinary fields for bringing advancements to the society. I would like to contribute my share of knowledge for our ancestors to live without hostility and also to support the world economic growth and development. What would you like to see happening in terms of next technological breakthroughs?
Balaji: I am always looking forward for the cost effective, stable and efficient technology for the self-powered wearables and houses through clean energy harvesting with less environmental impacts.

Thanks, Balaji for the interview and good luck and fun for your future career!

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