by Melvin

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infinityPV ApS is a Danish start-up company founded in 2014 by Frederik C. Krebs (CEO) along with 31 co-owners. infinityPV has no external funding partners and this makes infinityPV a company unlike most. It is a light structure that builds on being a movement of passionate individuals with a desire to follow the greatest ideas without any traditional boundaries. The operation is lean and the objective is to create a reliable and honest technology for a better world and for the service of people. The philosophy is to non-pretentiously focus on what matters through equality and to serve the end user well.


The core of infinityPV is printed electronics and in particular printed organic solar cells. infinityPV is based on several patents within the field of organic solar cells and holds a wide range of competencies in this area. We address a broad range of products ranging from solar panels over materials to characterization and production hardware. This product range springs from the academic roots of infinityPV, but is rapidly evolving. We intend to serve a board range of customers from universities, to businesses, to private individuals. Our general aim is to foster the development of printed organic electronics by introducing honest and innovative products to the market.


With many co-owners, where several have more than fifteen years’ experience in the field of PV science and technology, the set-up of infinityPV is unique. The co-owners cover the entire value chain for printed electronics products and provide the company with a broad range of knowledge and know-how including chemists, material scientists, physicists, engineers, designers, electronics, technicians, printers, analysts, and administrators.

Select biografies

Frederik C. Krebs is the CEO of infinityPV, a previously a professor at the Technical University of Denmark, and a world-renowned scientist, recognized as one of the world’s most influential scientific minds. Frederik has been spearheading the development of polymer solar cells and has been awarded with the EliteForsk award, the DFF Advanced Grant for excellent researchers, and the Grundfos prize. When Thomson Reuters highlighted roll-to-roll processed polymer solar cells as one of 100 key research fronts, they wrote: “Frederik Krebs is the author of a remarkable 31 of 35 core papers in this highlighted research front. (…) These data clearly demonstrate the central position of Krebs in research on roll-to-roll processing of polymer solar cells.”