OPTree by Sunew

by Dirk Buchhauser

Seeking to meet the demand of increasingly connected companies, SUNEW, a leading company in the production of Organic Photovoltaic Films (OPV) presents a product that promises to revolutionize the use of urban spaces: OPTree ™.

The urban furniture presents the design, sustainability, and innovation, having in its leaves the OPV laminated in glass or polycarbonate. This solar panel technology enables the capture of sunlight that is transformed into electrical energy. In this way, the energy is generated in an independent and sustainable way, enabling the charging of smartphones and internet routers through their USB and battery inputs under the bank, respectively. The furniture is also a meeting point between friends and a way to put the population in touch with innovation and sustainable technologies.


“Leaves” laminated in glass with solar panels from SUNEW

Certified wood bench or stainless steel

Stainless steel trunk

5 USB ports

Height: 3,35 m

Width: 3,5 m

Weight: 750 kg

Currently, OPTree ™ is sold in the context of the Sunew Green Community, a community made up of companies for sustainability. Click here for more information.

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