Editorial Note

by Dirk Buchhauser

This new information platform will collect all relevant news, technical & scientific reviews and publications, as well as market overviews and finally a place to have open discussions about OPV technologies & applications. In an advanced stage also certain interviews and design contests are planned, to keep this platform an interactive one.

The whole industry of OPVs is gaining more and more possibilities for designers, architects, city builders, consumer electronics manufacturers, universities and new tech start-ups which are requesting and inventing new applications. According to a professional market analysis those people looking for a source of news and manufacturer independent information in order to inform themselves about status and market players, which I would like to enable in a one-stop-market-overview & exchange blog.

The Blog

Following the market study mentioned above, many potentially interested parties are often guided to misleading information in the internet, being either outdated or irrelevant. This shall also be prevented by guiding the information seeker to this new offering instead of uncontrollable pieces of information in the depth of the internet.

The general information sharing service on our blog will be fully free of charge and should stay like this in the future. Although – and to be able to finance the blog – we are currently working out dedicated marketing and research packages for your benefit which you would be able to book according to your needs but are in no way mandatory. We hope to help all players in the industry by better customer access and by different ways to promote yourself.


Who we are and What is our motivation? We are a bunch of people out of a pretty wide field of organic electronics, from OLED, over printed electronics up to organic photovoltaic and think that every technology need a platform where everything is getting together and is discussed accordingly, well knowing what kind of desires are coming up when you are in a specific field of technology.

Fruitful OPV Discussions & Exchange

We want to make this place a fruitful hub where people of the entire industry want to meet and exchange and infect other people with the benefits and beauty of that technology. Feel free to start and motivate technical and market exchange chats, raise up your own interests to make them visual for the public and show the world that there are really stunning fields of applications out there.

If you want to suggest, trigger or feedback topics from your side please feel free to send us an email under

Your Team

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