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by Dirk Buchhauser

The online information platform is as of now offering a new service for the OPV community and beyond: bring the right people together to create new opportunities for OPV technology and business.

“It was shown in our early surveys about the OPV landscape that there are a lot of very cool product ideas based on OPV or the usage thereof in people’s heads. Often these are people that are coming from the community and understand the outstanding properties of this technology.” says Dr. Dirk. Buchhauser, CEO of “However often the lack of funds and how to start things are hindering those great ideas to be explored. One of’s goals therefore was right from the start to help the community in bringing people together by using the community as multiplicator”.

Recent analysis of the network has shown that already a significant number of followers are steaming from technology investment and financial services, potentially using to track the technology and inform themselves about opportunities.

Accordingly, the is introducing the new match-making services for engineers/entrepreneurs seeking to start a new company, existing company founders/owners looking for funding, as well as potential investors looking for new investment opportunities. Initially, the services will be targeting seed to early stage ventures. is aiming to help the early start-ups, students or amateur engineers  with promising ideas or designs who want to create a new product using OPV and need help to get started. It is not the intention of to target large companies in their process of getting refinanced. The emphasize shall be on the initial phase where many ideas are turned down unexplored due to high barriers of starting a company, such as but not limited to high cost constrains as everything is self-financed and lack of investment opportunities.

Dr. Buchhauser adds “So why not make use of the network we are building to offer further assistance to the community? We can help by sharing information and requests with our network and hopefully the right people get together and explore opportunities.”

The associated process is as follows:

  1. We can help you to structure your pitch if wanted. Surely, we sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement to protect your intellectual property rights.
  2. Together with you we create an anonymous teaser document, which does not show who you are or what you intend to do. Only very generic data will be shown to attract the interest of the right people.
  3. Upon your approval, this document will be shared with the community (and hopefully they will also distribute it further). Additionally, we will share this document with a list of potential investors from our own network.
  4. After initial contact with interested parties is made, NDA will be signed and your pitch will be shared.
  5. Any further help we can provide, we would be delighted to do so, but our main job is done.

So, whoever has a good idea for exploring OPV in products and is looking for seed or early stage capital is welcome to contact via and discuss with us how we can help. In case you need assistance with other services around kicking-up a start-up, please let us know, we have quite extensive networks of service providers.

Last but not least, if you are a potential investor and want to get those pitches, write us an email to and let us know. We will be happy to add you to our list.

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