by Melvin

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SunCurtain is a small start-up founded in 2018 in Kitzingen, Germany with a huge vision – transform every window into a power plant.

SunCurtain´s aim is to meaningfully help combat climate change, for an independent, sustainable world. It is also revolutionizing the shading market and uncovering hidden potential. Its future product range is set to offer a wide range of solutions and replace existing shading systems. 

SunCurtain is ​the ​most innovative shading system, generating sustainable power.

The Start-up specializes in developing photovoltaic active shading systems based on Organic Photovoltaic Technology (OPV), producing OPV blinds for all kinds of applications.  

  • Design
    Customized individual blinds
  • Efficiency
    Produces enough power to ran an office space
  • Independence and low light performance
    The blinds work regardless of which way they are oriented
  • Shading
    Reflects heat radiation, yet the blinds are semi transparent
  • Ambience
    Light us filtered and provides a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere
  • Health & Safety
    Practically maintenance-free. Special insulation prevents you ever coming in contact with any electricity

SunCurtain impacts the entire building’s energy, providing added value in the form of power savings, a pleasant atmosphere and greater building efficiency. The extracted energy can also be integrated into the electronic infrastructure, and directly supply surrounding devices. It’s not just a matter of having a power plant on our windows; it’s a smartly used system that attempts to solve all manner of problems. We want our product to change the way people think about curtain systems.