Sunew, in partnership with Natura, concludes the largest latest generation solar film installation in the world

by Dirk Buchhauser

The project involves 1,800 m² of organic photovoltaic film, a technology developed by the Brazilian company Sunew, applied to a building at Natura’s headquarters in Cajamar (Sao Paulo). The installation has enabled the avoidance of more than 7 tons of CO2 emissions.

At the forefront of corporate sustainability, Natura announces the conclusion of the installation of 1,800 m² of latest generation solar energy panels in one of the buildings at the company’s headquarters in Cajamar, in the São Paulo metropolitan region. The organic photovoltaic (OPV) film technology, developed by Minas Gerais-based Sunew, was chosen because of its greater efficiency and lower environmental impact, as well as the innovative design of the film, which is 1.5 millimeters thick and is made from organic, non-toxic, recyclable materials. The installation, which uses of total of 1,580 panels, is currently the largest of its kind in the world.

“In addition to pursuing energy efficiency, Natura is producing clean energy. OPV technology, which has the lowest possible impact, is consistent with our values and reflects our commitment to sustainability, in particular where climate change is concerned”, says Josie Peressinoto Romero, Natura’s vice president of Operations and Logistics.

It is estimated that the energy generated by the panels in Natura’s NAN – Núcleo de Aprendizagem Natura (Natura Learning Nucleus) will contribute to the avoidance of 37 tons of CO2 emissions a year – equivalent to the monthly consumption of 459 households in Brazil. The use of solar energy contributes to the reduction pillar of the Natura Carbon Neutral Programme. Launched over ten years ago, the programme is aimed at reducing and offsetting the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by the activities of the company and its value chain.

Sunew informs that the project will generate 73.4 MWh of energy a year — which corresponds to an energy production 40% higher than that expected from installations with the same capacity that use traditional solar panels. This power output is enough to supply double the energy required to light the building and power its work stations.

Sunew’s CEO, Tiago Alves, explains that the efficiency of OPV increases as the external temperature rises, making it ideal for areas exposed to strong solar radiation, regardless of how they are positioned in relation to the sun, as is the case of the NAN building. According to Sunew, the material can be applied to any surface, from glass facades to vehicles and urban furniture. “Organic photovoltaic film is third-generation solar cell technology based on a completely sustainable production chain that has low energy requirements. This is the most sustainable alternative currently available, with the lowest carbon emissions of all types of solar energy generation”, the executive adds.

About the Natura Carbon Neutral Programme

Launched in 2007, the Natura Carbon Neutral Programme was the company’s first public commitment to neutralise its emissions and mitigate its climate change impacts. The initiative fosters sustainable development measures in conjunction with a climate agenda. These include the generation of jobs, training, technology transfer, the strengthening of local economies, women’s empowerment and the protection of biodiversity and water resources. For the emissions it is unable to avoid, in partnership with Itaú Unibanco, B3 and the Renner store chain and with support from the Instituto Ekos Brasil, Natura contracts offsetting projects that generate benefits for the climate.

About Sunew

Sunew was founded in 2015 based on a mindset dedicated to revolutionizing the energy consumption and production paradigm, building a better world for future generations with the green energy present everywhere. The company is the global leader in organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology, with the largest installations implanted worldwide. Sunew has developed a continuous innovative, highly scalable industrial production process. Pursuing positive impact in the environment and the community, Sunew was B Corp certified at its foundation. In 2019 Sunew was listed by the B Corporation as one of the best companies for the environment in the world, receiving the “Best For The World 2019 – Environment Honoree” seal.

About Natura 

Established in 1969, Natura is a Brazilian multinational in the cosmetics and personal care segment. Market leader in direct sales in Brazil, with over 1.7 million Beauty Consultants, Natura is part of the Natura &Co group, a corporate brand that brings together Natura, Aesop and The Body Shop, and which posted net revenues of R$ 13.4 billion in 2018. Natura was the first publicly-traded company in the world to receive a B Corp certification in December 2014, underscoring its transparent and sustainable social, environmental and economic performance. It is also the first Brazilian company to be awarded the “Leaping Bunny” certification, granted by the animal protection organisation Cruelty Free International, which certifies a company’s commitment to not tests its products or ingredients on animals in. It has operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the US, France, Mexico, Peru and Malaysia. Products bearing the Natura brand can be purchased from Natura Beauty Consultants, through Natura’s e-commerce, the Natura App or in stores in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, New York, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Kuala Lumpur.

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