by Melvin

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Ubiquitous Energy is the world leader in transparent photovoltaics. Based in Silicon Valley, Ubiquitous Energy was born from a group of MIT scientists and engineers looking for new ways to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint by seamlessly integrating solar power technology into everyday products and surfaces. This commitment resulted in our core technology, UE Power™: a transparent solar coating that integrates into standard windows, with endless possibilities for future applications. 

UE Power™ technology is the only patented and transparent photovoltaic glass coating that harnesses solar power to generate energy, all while remaining visibly indistinguishable from traditional windows. UE Power™ coating is applied directly to standard, high-quality windows in their traditional factory settings, allowing production of our solar windows to seamlessly integrate with the window industry supply chain without disrupting their well-established production methods. 

To both residential and commercial building occupants, UE Power™ solar windows have the clear, vibrant experience that is expected from traditional Low-E windows, but with self-contained, on-board power and smart functionality. UE Power™ windows are also a powerful new tool in the quest for optimal energy use.  

UE Power™ windows are a complementary solar power asset that works within a portfolio of other renewable technologies for a larger, cumulative effect. With a projected 600 billion square feet of window glass to be installed globally by 2050, UE sees solar windows making an enormous impact developmentally and environmentally.

Ubiquitous Energy is expanding what’s possible in a renewable energy portfolio, and changing the way the world looks at windows in the process.